Hull & Machinery
Average Agent

When McLEANS was founded in 1973 it was a P&I Correspondent in Marseille.

But in certain cases of a P&I nature, it would be that the liability claim would be insured by the vessel’s Hull and Machinery insurer, for example port installation damage and collisions.

It was thus that certain H&M Insurers – Italian, German, Spanish, and Tunisian – began to use McLeans for liability claims.

Today, most of the offices and subsidiaries of The McLean Group are the official Claims Agents or Average Agents for the marine and transport Insurance Markets in Germany (VHT), in Spain (COMISMAR), and for Italian Insurers such as ASSITALIA and LA FONDIARIA and in Scandinavia CODAN, NORWEGIAN HULL CLUB, TRYGG HANSA, SAMPO…

Our offices and subsidiaries are able to handle all types of claims for marine and transport Insurers: H&M, GIT, inland waterway, cargo, air…

We benefit from our vast network of surveyors for vessels, containers, other transport means both in France, French overseas territories, North and West Africa.


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