McLEANS French West Indies (FWI)

McLEANS (FWI) covers a very large area from the French Caribbean Islands to French Guyana, including Suriname, with the main office installed in Guadeloupe, a second one in French Guyana. Correspondents are called in when necessary according to the type of case.

The covered ports are:

  • Guadeloupe

    - Pointe à Pitre: Passengers, containers and ro-ro, banana export, oil, sugar, cereals and ore terminals.
    - Basse-Terre in the West of Guadeloupe: bulk cargoes, heavy lifts, timber etc.
    Guadeloupe represents over 3 million of tonnes of cargo per annum: This island is used as a transit terminal for many cargoes such as cars etc., with feeders redistributing them in all the little and large Caribbean Islands.

  • Martinique
    Fort de France: On three terminals – Containers, oil and passengers, there is the same type of trade as Guadeloupe the sister island.
    There is a 200 metre graving dock with repair installations for large vessels.

  • French Guyana

    Degrad Des Cannes at Cayenne: the tidal river harbour is the main import port in French Guyana with containers, general cargo and oil terminal.
    There is a specific terminal for the ARIANE spatial rocket parts in Kourou.
    Cayenne has a very famous hospital for the North West region of South America where many injured or ill seafarers can find necessary treatment and, often, the service of French military helicopters.

  • Suriname

    The harbour of Paramaribo is a river port with a terminal for containers, bulk cargo, and oil, which is in full development with foreign investments planned over a number of years.

McLEANS (FWI) works hard to continually develop its capability to react in minimum time despite the very large area it covers, in order to be operational as soon as a vessel arrives, providing instant information and reports, with necessary action to protect the interests of our Principals.


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