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McLEANS (Paris)

The Paris office of McLEANS goes back to the first years of the foundation of The McLean Group.


In the 1970s Alan McLean, for the P&I activity, created with partners Langlois (Antwerp), Mr Michel Taconet (Rouen) and SARL Taconet Le Havre (Mr Pierre Boutigny) the company G.I.E Langlois, McLean & Taconet. Some years later Langlois left the company, which became G.I.E Taconet, McLean & Taconet (“TMT”). In the 1980s the Taconet transferred the Paris business to The McLean Group.

The present activity of McLeans (Paris) is concentrated mainly for P&I work such as:

  • Stowaways’ cases where it is necessary to deal with developing countries’ embassies and consulates.
  • Crew and passenger injury cases with Paris hospitalisation and repatriation.
  • Inland water claims including at Gennevilliers, Limay, Bonnières…
  • Claims of the Paris insurance market, trading companies and the huge Rungis food market.
  • Litigation at the Paris Commercial Court and particularly the Maritime Arbitration Chamber.

McLEANS (Paris) is also the Claims Agent for the Paris region for certain foreign maritime and transport Insurers, such as those of the German and Scandinavian Markets.

McLEANS (Paris) also handles P&I and Average Agent cases in New Caledonia with its represented, and at Tahiti.

McLEANS (Paris)

Mrs Tania Mauduit

Direct +33 1 40 39 92 93
M +33 6 80 03 04 02

Alan McLean
Mr Alan McLean

M +33 6 14 34 98 60

Philippe Garo
Mr Philippe Garo

Direct + 33 4 96 10 25 25
M +33 6 07 79 20 28

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