McLEANS (La Rochelle)

McLEANS (La Rochelle), the only professional P&I Correspondent having its own office at La Rochelle, is in close touch with local developments and handles numerous claims concerning timber, woodpulp, grain, fertilizers etc…

McLEANS (La Rochelle) was created in 2002 following the death of the P&I Correspondent there, Miss Le Boutillier, whose family sold the business to The McLean Group.

The immediate geographical cover of the McLean office at La Rochelle runs from the port itself of La Rochelle-La Pallice to those of Rochefort and Tonnay-Charente, two river harbours to the south.

La Rochelle-La Pallice, the only deep water port on the Atlantic coast (13.50 M draft) is able to receive overpanamax vessels.

La Pallice is the leading French port for the import of forest products and tropical timber; it is the second French port for the export of grain.

In addition, with the regionalisation of P&I Correspondency by The McLean Group the La Rochelle office, attends to marine claims at Bordeaux and Bayonne.

McLEANS (La Rochelle)

Virginie Ringeard
Ms Virginie Ringeard


M +33 6 80 00 87 44

Caroline Marrades
Ms Caroline Marrades

Claims Executive

M +33 6 76 133 111

Philippe Garo
Mr Philippe Garo

M +33 6 07 79 20 28

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