McLEANS (Sète)

McLEANS (Sète) covers the three commercial ports of the region Languedoc-Roussillon: Sète, Port la Nouvelle and Port Vendres. The geographic area starts in the «Petite Camargue» and ends at the Spanish border.

McLEANS (Sète) was created in the 1970s in partnership with the well known ship broker and agent, Mr Bernard Frisch.

On the latter’s retirement, Alan McLean opened an independent McLean office which was put under the management of Captain Harald Nilssen, a Norwegian master mariner who had settled in France. On the latter’s death; his assistant, Sylvie Orgiles-Cano, became the manager of McLEANS (Sète).

Sète is a deep water port open to the Mediterranean its basins having up to 13.80 metres draft. The P&I activities of the Sète office are directly linked to the port activities: hydrocarbons, bulk dry and liquid cargoes, a cement terminal with its grinding station, the timber terminal (North America and Africa), passengers, livestock and RO/RO cargoes.

Port la Nouvelle is located on the east side of Sete; its particularity is the export of cereals from the Silos du Sud. This port also depends upon hydrocarbons at the sea line mooring buoy and in berth.

Port Vendres, located further on the east side and very near the Spanish border, is a fruit and vegetable port combined with a cruise activity. The P&I activity is essentially based on bananas from Ivory Coast and pineapples from Ghana. Early season vegetables are also carried from Morocco in containers. The nearby International Saint Charles Market makes Port Vendres a fruit and vegetable specialized port. The Sète office has a survey department near the market dedicated to these cargoes.

In addition to its P&I activity, McLEANS (Sète) is an Average Agent for Hull and Machinery and Transport Insurers, particularly those of the Spanish and German Markets.

McLEANS (Sète)

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