McLEANS Normandy
(Le Havre)

Normandy Claims Services S.A.S is a member of The McLean Group. The company was the result of a partnership between the Taconet family of Rouen and the Group, which lasted up to 2006. The present shareholding comprises McLEANS S.A and Ms Brigitte Laumier, the Manager of McLEANS Normandy.

At the end of 2010, Normandy Claims Services opened an office in Le Havre where they now represent some Clubs and insurers (P&I and H&M

The port of Rouen stretches along the Seine estuary up to Rouen and includes Honfleur on the left bank and Port Jerome, Radicatel, Saint Wandrille and Le Trait on the right bank.

One can read about the port of Rouen in the writings of Strabon the Greek, which already mentioned trade with England. Almost destroyed in World War II, the rebuilding of the port mainly took place down river, thus reducing the transit time for the vessels.

Currently Rouen is primarily a bulk port and is the number one port of Europe for grain export. However, the harbour installations are spread out over various sites:

  • Honfleur: timber, small bulk, cargoes, generals, liquid bulk.
  • Radicatel: ro-ro & containers
  • Port Jerome: liquid bulk
  • Saint Wandrille: dry bulk & generals
  • Le Trait: off shore terminal
  • Rouen: industrial bulk cargoes, grain, sugar, flour, forest, products, containers & generals.

Rouen safeguards its future by adapting to new types of bulk carriers, by increasing the draft for shifts by one meter.

Finally, being situated between Le Havre and Paris, many inland craft share the navigation on the seine at Rouen with seagoing vessels.

McLEANS Normandy (Le Havre)

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