TMT Route-Rail, France

The specialized Partner for Insurers of “Goods In Transit” operators.

The service provided by TMT includes, amongst others, the organizing of surveys for carriers’ liabilities and cargo risks, the handling of the cases, arranging emergency protection of distressed goods, protecting principals’ interests, prevention assessments and surveys, investigations of theft and fraud, recoveries in France and worldwide.

TMT ROUTE-RAIL has built up for the late 80’s a comprehensive network of domestic and international specialist surveyors and experts to respond to cases of damage to goods in transit.

TMT ROUTE-RAIL centralises the management of claims in its Paris Office and guarantees its Insurer Principals rapidity of reporting, enabling them to decide as best on the acceptance or otherwise of the loss in hand in regard to the cover provided in the insurance policy.

TMT EXPERTISE in the Paris Region is particularly specialized in claims arising from household removals and warehouses goods.

As a complement to its services, TMT has recently created the Department TMT FINE ART, which extends the Paris Office’s survey activities to “objets d’art”, antiques and museum/ exhibition articles of value that are packed, carried, delivered, installed…

TMT RECOURS is a Department for recoveries against third parties in France and abroad for Insurers that have indemnified their assured. The Department also provides claims handling services in defence for Insurers and their carrier insured.

Emergency Service Expertise 24h/24-7/7
Hotline :

TMT Route-Rail

Caroline Vasseur
Caroline Vasseur

Direct 01 40 39 91 74
M +33 6 80 03 04 34

Sybille Patat
Sybille Patat
Claims Executive

Direct 01 40 39 91 48
M +33 6 32 54 43 65

Christine Henou
Mrs Christine Henou
Claims Executive

Direct 01 40 39 93 53


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